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“Very experimental program-sounding beats mixed with single guitar-string melodies. Imagine NIN and Deftones being tossed in a blender.” – HM Magazine

“It is vital to stress out the honest attitude of Derek Allen, who is rightfully not scared to show what goes on in his creative mind and has the balls to show it without fear of being mocked or badly criticized.” –

“Thoughtful, electronic-fused rock is the dominant sound on Counterfeit I’s full-length debut, Circuitry. This Wheaton-based act, led by Derek Allen, can certainly grind out the angsty, rugged rock heard on “The Age Of Machines,” but isn’t afraid to get a little ghostly with synths and other electronic elements on highlights like “Perfume Trigger.” It’s at these moments where CI gets experimental without losing focus.” – Illinois Entertainer

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