Still (Vol. II) out NOW!!

Still (Vol. II) is now available!

You can download the EP from our bandcamp page or purchase the hard copy from our store.

It’s also available, on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.



Stream ‘Still (Vol. II)’ at Scene Point Blank

Stream the new EP at Scene Point Blank exclusively until its release on 4.8.14


You can preorder ‘Still (Vol. II)’ from our store now and download it from our bandcamp page on 4.8.14.

Free download of new song “Waltz in D”


Here it is. Free.


New Music Video for “Sahel” is Here!

Check out our new video for ‘Sahel’

Big thanks to our friends over at V.I. Studios

Also, ‘Still’ is free this week over on bandcamp. Yes, free – it’s a good deal.

Music Video!

We just completed shooting for our first ever music video for our forthcoming single “Sahel.”

It looks amazing and we can’t wait to show it to you all.

We are posting some on-set pictures here:





You can now buy a handmade & numbered copy of A Glimpse, an Eclipse online! These were previously unavailable except at shows.—A-Glimpse,-an-Eclipse-%28MP3-Album%29

Big Announcement!!


And here it is:

Big Announcements coming Tuesday!

Stay tuned everyone – we have some big announcements coming on Tuesday!

Studio Update

Check out our new vlog of us in the studio – you can hear a new song if you listen closely

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