Still (Volume I)

April 9, 2013


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Still (Vol. I) is the first EP of a new series by experimental rock band Counterfeit I. Still features bittersweet hooks, dense sonic landscapes, and heavy guitars that create a mesmerizing journey for the listener, bringing them from melancholic lows to joyful and powerful highs. The 5 songs contain ventures into electronic experiments and glossolalia, creating new textures for the band and fans alike.

“Sink into some cool experimental live electronica. Creating a pulsating blend of ambient, psychedelic and rock, the Chicago-based group’s music finely flows together in each of the five songs. The dreamlike “One Point Five” entrances with haunting guitars, directly blending into “Limb” and somber tones. This part one of the Still EP series then explodes with a punch on “Sahel” as Counterfeit i delves into some Trent Reznor territory—with a bit of grunge. Packing multiple levels of intrigue, if this is only the first part of a series, here’s hoping the next offering is just as rewarding and finely crafted. ★★★★☆” – Deanna Rilling, Vegas Seven


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